Can the device kill the coronavirus?


How it works

Every Disinfection unit is tested in Laboratories & include all necessary certificates which confirms it’s outstanding result of 99.9% in destroying bacteria’s, fungi & virus’s (COVID-19) in the air & surfaces in all areas in a room without damaging human and environmental health.


The advantage of this device is its placement, which is easy and convenient for rental clients because of its placement and removal in case of moving to another space.

New product


With its simple and elegant design, it fits perfectly into your offices,cafes,restaurants,hotels, pharmacies, surgeries, healthcare and other facilities and waiting room public areas…


Plasma air disinfectant distinguishes the HPA-130W from other devices in performance and technology. It draws in air from the room and kills germs, and dissipates plasma energy to the surface, disinfecting every corner of the room, ultimately eliminating all harmful bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 (scientifically certified by a laboratory test certificate).



Plasma Ozone Mode is the strongest and effective way to disinfect. Plasma mode disinfects viruses and germs, not only in the air, but also on the surface as well as deodorizes any smell. Plasma Ozone Mode is the best option when you demand the best disinfection result since this mode can sterilize even every nook and corner. Even if any suspected infectee has stayed in a room, you may use Plasma Ozone Mode to disinfect that room. It is recommended to use Plasma mode regularly.


Disinfection mode can be used ordinarily to kill the germs in the air. Anion is also generated in this mode. When you activate the Disinfection mode, HPA-130W will absorb the air inside of the room. Germs and viruses in the air will die when the air goes through the filters of HPA-130W.


This mode can be activated ordinarily to maintain pleasant air inside. Ion mode discharges 3 million ion particles per second and this helps to maintain nice air quality. Namely, ion mode is like an „air vitamin“. It enhances immunity and reduces the symptoms of illness.


  • Voice function: Voice support for each mode.
  • Increases space efficiency.
  • Adoption of a photocatalyst, TiO2, a negative ion with a highly antiseptic effect.
  • Extra security thanks to a built-in sensor for detecting people in space, which uses low-temperature plasma.
  • Automatic filter replacement: a message will appear after a certain period of time to replace the filter (the optimum replacement period can be set according to the environment).
  • Ozone sensor: to keep the ozone concentration below the permissible level at all times during the disinfection process.
  • The device is environmentally friendly, simple and safe to use, with a positive effect on human health.


Dimensions 1300 mm (W) x 325 mm (H) x 135 mm (D)
Weight 18 kg
Rated Voltage AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
UV Lamp UV-C - 2 pcs, consumption less than 18 W
Photocatalyst Lamp UV-A - 1 pc, consumption less than 15 W
Filter Triple filters (PP pre filter, HEPA filter, CD filter)
Consumable Life Filter: 10,000 h / Lamp: 8,000 h / RCI Cell 25,000 h
Disinfection Method Plasma, Negative Ion
Low Noise High-powered, Low noise Fan (less than 40dB)
Safety Features Ozone Sensor, Voice Function, Automatic Filter Replacement, Human-detecting Sensor
Accessories Wall bracket, Celling bracket (optional), Screws, User manual
Installation reference HPA-130W
New product


Custom designed and sized device for air and surface disinfection and deodorization in smaller spaces such as offices, ambulances etc. prevents infections of employees and patients.


  • Real-time monitoring of internal conditions by measuring air temperature and humidity.
  • Monitor the progress of the LCD screen (plasma, negative ions, disinfection, temperature, humidity, replacement period).
  • Checking the running time and total running time.
  • Adjustment of Negative Ions, Plasma, UV Lamp and Air Volume with Remote Control.
  • Basic Disinfection Mode: OH Plasma Radicals (RIC) and Super Plasma Disinfection Mode (SPI).
  • Additional Disinfection mode: Fumigation mode (if necessary, additional operation is available.)
  • The sensor for detecting persons is activated.


Dimensions 360 mm (W) x 220 mm (H) x 85 mm (D)
Weight Less than 5kg (including rechargeable battery)
Operating voltage 12V DC (from vehicle) and 220V AC (with adapter)
Energy consumption Ozonization: less than 16 W / Disinfection: less than 20 W
Air flow 129 m3 / h in type of disinfection operation (each fan 64,5 m3 / h)
Noise Less than 50 dB in the type of disinfection operation
Lifetime of consumables Plasma lamps: over 25,000 operating hours / HPI: semi-permanent
Scope of Disinfection Bacterias, viruses, tuberculosis bacteria, fungi, etc.
Display 3.2 " (8 cm) / TFT-LCD (LED type)
Equipment Rechargeable battery, car charger cable with cigarette plug, remote control, filter, car mount, user manual